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We have great pleasure to introduce Karnataka Sangha founded in the year 1933 at Mumbai is one of the most popular leading Socio-Cultural organizations, which has a splendid and colourful history of long standing seven decades. Karnataka Sangha, Mumbai is one of those very few organization of this stature which appear to be regional be nomenclature while they are national by nature. The Sangha had its humble beginning made by a few like-minded Kannadigas residing in Mumbai. It has been promoting social, cultural and educational perspectives unmindful of the barriers of language, region, caste, creed or religion. A colourful feather is added to our hat by organizing national-level seminars like "Kannada-Marathi Kavyotsava", "Horanada Kannada Sammelana", Literary meets and Cultural festors. It is a platform for exchange of profound thoughts and sentiments with a fine blending of language and culture.

The main objective of the Sangha is to show how there has been a gradual ideological change and expansion from the Kannada and Kannadigas to Marathi and Maharashtrians and finally to India and Indians by developing Kannada, Marathi and other languages as a means to ultimately achieve the goal of national integration and cultural harmony besides reaching the new horizons of knowledge. Karnataka and Maharashtra or any other state for that matter can become stronger only if - India becomes stronger.

The Sangha being a representative cultural body of all the districts, regions and various sections of the Kannada community living in Mumbai has been able to create a positive impact on various linguistic groups in the city of Mumbai and its environs with its broad-based activities planned and implemented trough six - programme units of the Sangha namely 1. Sahitya Bharati 2. Ladies Wing 3. Youth Wing 4. Educational Development Wing 5. Sneha Sambandha   6. Kalabharati the performing art circle of Karnataka Sangha.

KALABHARATI: a wing of our institution is a platform for all artists, singers, musicians   dancers of rare fame from sky to earth. Kalabharati has been recognized as a mid town hub of cultural synthesis. Regular weekly performance by veteran   budding artists is a unique feature of one decade. A revitalizing thinks than Cultural   Life style.

SAHITYA BHARATI: A annual literary meat of scholars drawn from various universities.

SAHITYA KALA VAHINI: is a monthly turning wheel of myriad activities spread all over the country.

RANGABHOOMI: All India "Kuvempu" drama competition is held every year by selected 20 troupes from all over the country.

MAKKALA MELA: Mass talent tapping festival of music, dance and fine arts in which about 1,500 school children actively participate annually. "Kinara" a children's stage for budding school children.

SNEHA SAMBHANDA: A monthly media link.

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